Dual Loyalty

As writers and bloggers are so fond of saying; you couldn't make it up. You don't cross the Iron Curtain and come out without scars ...
· Jozef Imrich, Survivor of the Iron Curtain Crossing

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A moon eclipse can only occur at full moon when the sun, Earth and moon are perfectly aligned. When in the Earth's shadow, the moon sometimes appears red.

Somewhere along the way you make a decision ... you turn a corner and you are someone else.

In any huge Slavic Sikh (aka Punjabi, meaning hot five rivers,) wedding on Australian soil, it will be the Jeff's images that define the experience for our dearest family and friends.

I wish a falling star could fall forever
And sparkle through the clouds and stormy weather
And in the darkness of the night
The star would shine a glimmering light
And hover above our love

Please hold me close and whisper that you love me
And promise that your dreams are only of me
When you are near, everything’s clear
Earth is a beautiful heaven
Always I hope that we follow the star
And be forever floating above

I know a falling star can’t fall forever
But let’s never stop falling in love

When you are near, everything’s clear
Earth is a beautiful heaven
Always I hope that we shine like the star
And be forever floating above

I know a falling star can’t fall forever
And let’s never stop falling in love
No let’s never stop falling in love

Dancing Bunch

Mehndi is supposed to symbolise the strength of love in a marriage
Anand Karaj: Blissful Union
Highest form of love, the love for the Divine

Una Notte a Napoli

Thursday, September 06, 2007

You may — or may not — have noticed that Media Dragon blogs less and less but cares about reading other blogs more and more …
The decline of the coverage of books isn’t new, benign, or necessary The health of a society is always best measured by how it treats its weakest and most vulnerable citizens. The same test may be usefully applied to Media Dragon’s Cold River ;-) Goodbye to All That: I felt I had no time to waste; life was short and literature long

Virtual Media Dragon Ghetto Value is a function of scarcity
For every book that tickles public taste, captures the zeitgeist and hits the jackpot, there are thousands that do not appeal to contemporary readers, fail to find a sufficient audience and almost disappear. I've gotten some flak recently for not promoting Cold River more widely and more passionately! Despite the growing tide of positive publicity surrounding Cold River I cannot name names only point out the faces: of course ;-) Necessity is the mother of invention, the old saying goes. But boredom and the desire to experiment are powerful forces too Book launch by way of Facebook

Book readings are all part of a writer's promotional duties - so why are the majority so bad at it? A lot of writers, live, simply don't do their work justice, which is hardly surprising. In one sense at least, writing and performing are polar opposites: one is about as anti-social as a career can get, while the other is definitely, to some degree, about attention seeking. And just because you can write a voice well doesn't mean you can speak in it….
Here's to the CRAZY ones,
The misfits, the rebels, the trouble makers,
The round pegs in the square holes,
The ones who see things differently,
They're not fond of rules,

Authors should be seen and not heard; [So the NYT finally did an article on Author blog tours, which if memory serves, some of us have been doing for a quite a long time... Media Dragon has been around since 2000 AD MM The Author Will Take Q.’s Now; What can we learn from how Apple does marketing? Other than it does it right? A Different Apple A Day ; Reminding the world to get a little CRAZY ]
• · Far from the fame and glamour of the Booker and bestsellers is a forgotten world of literary treasures How did we miss these?; The great essayist would be appalled by the writing, but applaud the democracy of the web Would Orwell have been a blogger?
• · The Rise of the Pyjamahadeen The Rise of the Media Dragons; Bat Boy Collapses in Checkout Lane! It’s probably safe to say that no other newspaper in the annals of journalism scored as many shocking scoops as The Weekly World News. The World’s Only Reliable Newspaper
• · · The invasion and abuse of the private lives of public figures, especially of politicians, is very far advanced. Czech out Bob Carr’s stories or even better Up close and personal; In dark times such as our own, a flurry of publications attests to the abiding importance of Hannah Arendt as a great theorist of totalitarianism Death, begins [its] reign of terror when life becomes the highest good.
• · · · Every week, Jozef Imrich presents the most timely, topical posts from the Web's most creative snippets ;-) The famed German beer-slinging brat-eating festival is nearly upon us. This year marks the 174th Oktoberfest and it will take place between September 22 and some Czech news: Bohemianova: Fascinating Facts; Racism comes in all ways, shapes, and forms, and you don't have to be part of the minority to experience it. The ones who see things differently.; Here's to the crazy ones.
• · · · · It's an Amazon blog, which means it's a publicity site for his new book, not a real blog. Greenspan's calculated, anodyne utterances on the economy have ... Greenspan tells all on his blog Alan Greenspan’s blog - No, seriously! ; FEC Determines That Blogs Count As Media Daily Kos Exonerated by FEC: So Far, “Political Blogs” Exempt from ... The Moderate Voice
• · · · · · As blogging becomes a common practice in our society and our interest for blogs increase, new business models are emerging. Blog Aggregators: a New Dimension for your Blogs ; It's always nice when things you believe are backed up by actual evidence, so I was particularly happy to read this morning that there is considerable reason to believe that children who drink with their parents are much less likely to drink irresponsibly THINK OF THE CHILDREN, GIVE THEM BOOZE